Wednesday, 29 May 2013 21:39

New LoveFilm Instant App

Written by  Sofia Kostoula
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New LoveFilm Instant App

The inauguration of the HD era on the PS3 is finally a reality for customers in the UK and Germany, while the updated version is expected to arrive in other countries soon.

Millions of UK customers can download version 2.0 of Lovefilm Instant for the Sony console, one of the first devices running the service from 2010. The app’s Smooth Streaming technology offers excellent viewing; specifically, thanks to the technique employed, the most suitable bit rate for displaying video is chosen to guarantee superb image quality. Furthermore, the application is enhanced with an updated search function and recommendation engine, as well as a revised user interface for navigating through new programmes. The very appealing Watchlist function has become available to all devices, enabling the generation of a playlist that can be accessed at the viewers’ convenience. Subscribers can now plan what they wish to watch around their commitments; programmes can be tagged and put in a folder with great ease. Besides these, current content can be traced and visited again from the same location on any device that is compatible with LoveFilm.LoveFilm Instant can be accessed via numerous digital devices, including PC, Mac, Nintendo Wii and Wii U, Xbox 360, Apple iPad, Kindle Fire HD and Kindle Fire, several Internet-connected TVs and Blu-ray players.

The company claims subscribers to offer a ‘market-leading’ application for viewing diverse films and TV shows at a very affordable monthly fee. This operability upgrade makes it much more competitive against rival streaming provider Netflix, which seems to have had the advantage so far. In fact, according to Digital Foundry, both services are now neck and neck with regard to audiovisual experience, content, and app design.  

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