Thursday, 16 May 2013 17:39

Netflix Loses Titles

Written by  Sofia Kostoula
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Netflix Loses Titles

From May 1st many shows will no be longer available, but there is compensation. 

After the expiration of the company’s agreements with major film studios such as MGM, Warner Bros, and Universal, films such asDoctor No, Goldfinger, Cruel Intentions, Deep Impact, Woody Allen’s Stardust Memories, as well as 15 seasons of South Park will be axed. The company asserts that most of the content removed is old titles amassed by Epic and that this is a normal course of action that happens on a regular basis; if the viewership of a show is found to be weak, then it is taken away from the catalogue; besides, it is a constantly evolving service aspiring to be an expert programmer and having the aim to offer a unique medley of TV shows and films for afirst class viewing experience.  After the expiration of its agreement with Stars in 2012, Netflix similarly lost about 1,000 titles, including Toy Story, Tron, and Amélie.

Nonetheless, in the beginning of May, it introduced over new 500 titles. Viewers can now watch many exciting new shows such as Paranorman, Hunger Games, Safe, Bachelorette, and MI:2, along with compelling political dramas. The company supports that this removal will not have any negative impact on its commercial activity. While it has been stated that it was the consequence of the company’s move to Warner Instant Archive Streaming Service, this has been negated by Warner, which has elucidated on Twitter that it does not intervene in its partner’s content adjustment, nor is it streaming any Universal or MGM shows; what is more, its content is only derived from WB’s library.

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