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The School of Rock - Musical Extravaganza for the Ages

Written by  Churchill Guevarra
    The School of Rock - Musical Extravaganza for the Ages
    It’s one of the few musical comedies out there that really has a lot of things to offer. From a pudgy, washed up, man-child lead who definitely knows how to rock to the awe-inspiring, precociously talented kids; carefree storyline to electrifying music; you name it, ‘School of Rock’ has got it all covered. It’s how musical comedies should be--cathartic, infectious and inspirational.

    ‘School of Rock’ has got an underdog story written all over it and it conveyed that feel-good message without being manipulative. I really find the characters endearing and very easy to root for. Although its premise has been done to death over and over again, director Richard Linklater made the movie work by letting Jack Black be Jack Black; an awkward anti-establishment rocker with a face melting passion for days.

    The casting was great as well since instead of hiring actors to play the musically talented kids, the powers that be chose to hire real musicians for the all-important roles and it worked wonders for the film since it interjected a credible sense of authenticity to the story. On the other hand, Jack Black is basically just a big kid anyway so his chemistry with the precocious little ones felt real and spontaneous. Everyone else played their parts aptly and knew exactly when to get involved or watch from the sidelines when the scenes call for it.

    As a rock fan, this movie brought out the inner rocker in me. I even found myself playing some wicked ‘air guitar’ riffs in some scenes. But, you don’t have to be a rock fan to like this movie. ‘School of Rock’ has a universal appeal that any film buff would find endearing.

    I especially love the film’s climax wherein the kids and Jack Black got to knock the socks off of the entire crowd at the battle of the bands; only to lose to some posers and then emerge as the winner in the eyes of the audience. The two songs they performed in that scene felt like snippets from a real rock show--just pure, unadulterated, electrifying fun for everyone.

    I can’t believe that the movie is ten years old. FYI, the cast just had a ten-year reunion last year in Austin, Texas. It might take some time to let that sink in and I may feel old just thinking about it now but ‘School of Rock’ is ageless. Its appeal and charm hasn’t waned with time. It has all the trappings of an instant classic, if it isn’t already. A face melting, gut-busting 4.5 out of 5 stars for me.
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