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Premium Rush - A Lean Mean Action Film

Written by  Churchill Guevarra
    Premium Rush - A Lean Mean Action Film
    ‘Premium Rush’ is an easy-to-digest fast-paced story about a bike messenger in New York who seemed to have a knack for putting his life on the line just for the heck of it. He uses no brakes because he’s too cool for that and barely stops for a moment to smell the flowers or take a breather or in his case, a smooch from his equally adrenaline-addicted messenger girlfriend. That’s Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s character Wilee, and that’s all you need to know about this movie because the story revolves around him and he takes it for a ride in the most perilously exhilarating way possible.

    Yes, ‘Premium Rush’ is a one-trick pony but it delivers the goods without delay as its storyline was deliberately stripped off unnecessary fluff to reduce drag; like a lean, mean cyclist on PEDs. Pardon the comparison but that’s just how it looked and felt like from where I was sitting.

    And the goods; well the aggressively limber chase scenes. These alone are worth the price of the movie ticket. It is very hard not to be taken during those high speed chases wherein the bikers dodge cars, pedestrians and any conceivable obstacle in a concrete jungle. The point of view shots from the lightweight bikes’ front and rear are just riveting; as if bringing you to the scene where one wrong move can mean broken bones or worse death.

    The supporting cast were merely passengers in this film and Gordon-Levitt was their designated driver; a really reckless yet skilled speed-crazed driver. There’s not much to be said about the acting because there’s really not a lot that they can do with the material that they had. It is an action movie in its purest form, wherein the acting plays second fiddle to the action sequence—which is not really a bad thing if you know what to do with it. And director David Koepp pushed all the right buttons to bring this biker-messenger story to life.

    ‘Premium Rush’ may not have huge explosions or monstrous set pieces but it is an action film that’s worth its salt. Sometimes, the most effective movies out there are the grounded ones. Why complicate things when you can concoct a palpable danger or a relatable sense of urgency in a simpler and straightforward manner? ‘Premium Rush’ is a well-timed, well-oiled, deftly executed movie that doesn’t let up from start to finish—a frenetic 4 out of 5 stars!
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