Sunday, 16 February 2014 06:04

Predator - Explosive, Testosterone Filled Action Extravaganza

Written by  Churchill Guevarra
    Predator - Explosive, Testosterone Filled Action Extravaganza
    Muscle and firepower lifted ‘Predator’ to heights that surpassed the potential of its plot. It relied on straightforward storytelling that involved explosive action sequences and mechanical but entertaining one-liners from the "ex-gubernator" and his strapping band of legionnaires. It’s the ultimate predatory battle royal—the ‘Hunger Games’ if you will on steroids.

    The strategy: Throw in a bunch of brawny men in an impenetrable jungle and feed them to an almost indestructible extraterrestrial force that for some unknown reason has an irrational taste for machismo. Give them enough weapons that can level a small village and let them fight it off till the bitter end. Lo and behold, the masterful plan worked and the movie ultimately blew up into a mushroom cloud of radioactive, testosterone filled action extravaganza. It's so simple, it's genius. Why bother to lay out layers upon layers of overlapping storylines when you can have a larger than life muscle man and his equally burly cohorts detonate the scenes with their collective muscle power?

    I must say, I enjoyed the movie thoroughly as I didn't have to navigate through a convoluted plot to make sense of what's happening on screen. It's a trouble-free experience with a really huge pay off. And as one-dimensional as Arnie's acting chops may be, it complemented perfectly with the film’s clear-cut story. What ‘Predator’ lacked in depth, it more than made up for its visceral set pieces and potent firepower. The ominous infra red camera perspective sets up the suspense quite aptly--like a savage predator stalking its prey for a kill.

    ‘Predator’ is the ultimate guy’s film; steadfast, brutal and over the top. There’s very little time allocated for character development hence, no dead air. It also had a villain that more than lived up to the ferocity of its title or hype. As if those weren’t enough, ‘Predator’ also boasts perhaps the best jungle fight scene ever captured on film. I’m talking of course about the iconic scene wherein Arnie and other hulking mercenaries cleared the forest using their ridiculously high powered firearms just because they can. There’s no rhyme or reason. It just sort of happened and it looked really, really amazing on film so I understand the logic behind it, or not.  Either way, it’s one of the best gratuitous fight scenes ever made so I’m not complaining.

    ‘Predator’ is what action films should be: Explosive, visceral, relentless and fast-paced. Once its testosterone filled plot is set in motion, it doesn’t stop until all the amusement muscles in your body are being flexed--like a good ol’ fat burning workout. I give ‘Predator’ a fist pumping 4 out of 5 stars.

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