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Have you ever had to poll your office on who uses which movie service and whether it offers the movie you're in the mood to watch? Sent out a desperate post via social media because you're planning a movie night at home and it turns out your current streaming subscription doesn't offer what you had in mind? Or maybe you're sat at home wondering what to watch because you know the genres you like but can't think of a specific film?

We know how frustrating it can be to decide on a film and pick a movie service that actually offers it. Movie providers don't always offer great search functions even if you are a customer, let alone if you're just browsing and deciding whether to sign up.

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We take all the hassle out of finding a film by bringing you myFilmFinder. If you already know what you want to watch, just chuck the name of the film in the search box. You'll immediately see more info about the film, including the movie services that offer it. If you want to know more about the different providers, check out the Provider Reviews over on the left.

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What about when you've got an idea about the kind of genre you feel like watching, but you can't think of the right film? Just head over to our Filters and select the genres and services you'd like to search. Of course, you can then sort the results by release date, audience rating, and all that jazz.

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We're always keen to improve your movie-watching experience and are constantly adding new film reviews and the latest news and opinions in the industry. We also feature special offers so you never miss a good deal. We hope to add TV shows to the site in future, and you can send over any other suggestions by contacting us.